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Indian cutlets without meat

Ingredients for the preparation of meatless cutlets "Indian" Potato 4 pcs. Onion 1 pc. 1 carrot Tomato 0.5 pcs. Canned peas 2 tablespoons Canned corn 2 tablespoons Garlic 1 clove. Lemon juice 1 tablespoon Parsley 2 tablespoons Wheat flour 2 tablespoons Rusk bread 2 tablespoons Salt to taste Black ground pepper to taste Chili pepper to taste Turmeric (to taste) to taste Vegetable oil to taste Main ingredients Potato Portion 6 servings Cuisine World Asian, Oriental cuisine Print list Inappropriate products?
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Pork Schnitzel

Ingredients for cooking pork schnitzel Pork loin (meat for chop) 600 gr. Premium wheat flour 100 gr. Lemon a couple drops of fresh juice Vegetable oil for frying 20 ml Chicken egg 2 pcs. Salt, pepper to taste to taste Main ingredients Pork Portion 3 servings World cuisine Austrian cuisine Print this list Foods not suitable?
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Chocolate mousse

Ingredients for making chocolate mousse Black natural chocolate 200 grams (about 2 tiles) Cream (20% fat) 200 gram Chicken eggs 5 pieces Sugar 100 grams (1 cup) Vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon Main ingredients Eggs, Cocoa and chocolate Portions 4 servings Cuisine World French cuisine Print list Inappropriate products?
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Cucumber flotilla

Ingredients for making cucumber flotilla Cucumbers 1 kg Bell pepper (red) 2 pcs. Squid fillet 400 gr. Chicken eggs 6 pcs. Onion 1 pc. Mayonnaise 200 gr. Canned corn 100 gr. Crab sticks 200 gr. Lemon 1 clove (or 1 tbsp.spoon of lemon juice) Canned pineapples 100 gr.
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The drinks

Ginger grog

Ingredients for making ginger grog Ginger root 100 grams Distilled pure water 400 milliliters Honey 1 tablespoon Sugar 2 tablespoons Lemon 1 piece Cinnamon sticks cloves 2 pieces Rum 100 milliliters Black peppercorns 2 pieces Cardamom powder 1 whisper Black tea large leaf 10 grams Ingredients Rum Portion 2 servings World Cuisine English Cuisine Print List Inappropriate Products?
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Bakery products

Liquid Muffins

Ingredients for making muffins with liquid filling Butter 100 g. Dark chocolate (cocoa content at least 70%) 200 g. Chicken egg 2 pcs. Egg yolk 3 pcs. Premium wheat flour 60 g. Salt 1/4 tsp Main Ingredients Eggs, Cocoa and Chocolate Portioning 8 servings World Cuisine French Cuisine Print List Inappropriate Products?
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