Burger King’s Halloween Whopper and Resulting Green Poop Are Now a Couple’s Halloween Costume

Burger King’s black Whopper turns poop green, and you and your beau can illustrate that process this Halloween, if you want

We’re not sure why any couple would want to be this “before and after” costume, but every relationship is different, right?

An enterprising designer at HalloweenCostumes.com has turned two of our least favorite trending food topics — Burger King’s Halloween Whopper and the infamous green poop that befalls those who eat one — into a full-fledged Halloween costume, for the right couple.

Although it seems utterly devoid of romantic sentiment to take this particular “before and after” approach to one’s relationship, it takes all kinds to make a world, so there you have it.

For those who don’t know, and for reasons Burger King has yet to identify directly, the Halloween-themed Whopper has a color-changing effect on poop, such that that the company’s attempt to make our fast food even scarier definitely worked — perhaps too well. According to a Colorado children’s hospital, however, the likely culprit is either “food color or food additives,” so the black Whopper is no more dangerous to you than any other artificially-colored or -flavored Burger King item.

If, somehow, this whole spectacle relates in some way to you and a loved one, you’re welcome to dress up as the pre- and post-colon versions of the Halloween Whopper. Alternately, you could go alone as either one, but we guarantee even less public understanding of your costume choice if you do.

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