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Ingredients for Cooking Fungose

  1. Funchoza (rice noodles) 100g
  2. Water 1 liter
  3. Spices to taste
  4. Vegetables / Supplements to taste
  5. Soy sauce to taste
  • Main ingredientsMacaroni
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Saucepan, Stove, Colander or Skimmer

Cooking funchoses:

Step 1: take funchose.

Funchoza has already been acquired. In this case, take the package and "get to know" it. There are many manufacturers of rice noodles and several types, so you need to read the instructions - there are possible nuances in cooking. But if no special cooking methods are indicated, we will make it standard.

Step 2: prepare the funchose for cooking.

Often funchose is packed up with "nests", good portioned blocks. You need to figure out how many servings are needed, and then count out the appropriate amount of vermicelli. Then put it in a dry pan.

Step 3: Cook.

Boil a liter and a half of water (in another pan or in a teapot) and pour so much into the pan with funchose so that the vermicelli is completely hidden and above it was a layer of water in a couple of centimeters. Cover the pan, turn on the stove and cook the funchose for five minutes. If you prefer spices, then it's time to add them! Attention! In no case do not stir the funchose - it is too brittle, and unnecessary movements can ruin the dish

Step 4: get it.

As soon as time has passed - turn off the stove and remove the funchose from the water. It’s already boiled away, so you don’t have to worry about brittleness — any means — skimmers, colanders, or just draining water over the edge — will do. But try to get rid of all the water, leaving the vermicelli almost dry.

Step 5: rinse.

At this step, we will wash the vermicelli. Pour clean cold water and stir for a minute or two. Attention! For washing funchoses, it is necessary to use cold and pure water. As you know, this vermicelli very well absorbs any smells and tastes, therefore, using water with any taste, you just ruin the dish.

Step 6: decorate, complement and serve.

How to decorate and complement funchose is up to you. Anything will suit this dish, but at the same time it will make the taste of vermicelli different. In this recipe we acted simply - we added funchose with chopped sweet bell pepper and poured soy sauce, a constant companion of almost all Asian dishes. It turned out just wonderful! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Serve funchose with South Korean sauce, as it is less thick. If you have only thick Chinese, then you need to dilute it with a third of the water.

- - Funchoza is an ideal diet food. She is low in calories and satisfying.

- - If you decide to make a salad with funchose, but did not have time to prepare all the ingredients, season the vermicelli with soy sauce. Thanks to this, the funchosis will not stick together.