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Oat milk drink

Ingredients for making oatmeal drink in milk

  1. Oats, not cleaned whole 1 cup (cup capacity 250 milliliters)
  2. Honey 1-2 tablespoons or to taste
  3. Distilled pure water 1 liter
  4. Skim milk 2 cups
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings
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Deep bowl, Deep pan with a lid, Cooker, Skimmer, Small sieve, Blender, Tablespoon, Kitchen towel, Sterile gauze - 20 - 30 centimeters, Glass

Preparation of oat drink in milk:

Step 1: soak the oats.

Pour the required amount of whole, not peeled oats into a deep bowl. Pour in cold running water and let stand for 10 minutes. Then discard the oats in a colander with a fine sieve, drain the dirty water, transfer the cereal back to a deep bowl, and refill with plain running water. Repeat this process 8 to 10 times so that the grains are well washed out from any kind of contamination. After the last rinse, discard the grains from the colander into a deep bowl and pour them with the right amount of clean distilled water. Leave a bowl of oats in the kitchen in a secluded dark place and let it brew for 12 hours at room temperature. Better soak oats in the evening for the night.

Step 2: Cook the oats.

The next day in the morning, take a deep pan and pour water into it along with the settled oat grains. Put the pan on a stove included in the middle level, bring the broth to a boil, screw the stove to the smallest level, cover the pan with a lid and cook the oats 1 hour. Periodically remove the lid from the pan and remove the gray foam that will form on the surface of the decoction during cooking with a slotted spoon.

Step 3: strain the broth and grind the oats.

After cooking for an hour, strain the oatmeal broth through a fine sieve into a deep clean bowl. Then pour the broth from the bowl back into the pan in which it was cooked, and put it on the stove, which is turned on to the middle level. Throw the boiled grains into a clean bowl of the blender and grind at high speed to a mushy state.

Step 4: add milk to the broth.

After the broth re-boils, pour the right amount of skim milk into it, add the chopped oat grains. Stir the broth with a tablespoon until smooth.

Step 5: brew an oatmeal drink in milk.

Bring the total mass to a boil, add 1 - 2 dining rooms spoons honey of any kind, remove the pan from the heat, close the lid, cover with a kitchen towel and let it brew for 1 hour

Step 6: filter the oat drink in milk.

After the cooled, but still slightly warm settled drink, strain through a fine sieve, previously covered with a piece of sterile gauze in a deep bowl. Press out the remaining mass by hand. Then pour a portion of the drink into a glass and relish with pleasure!

Step 7: serve the oat drink in milk.

Oatmeal drink in milk is served warm or at room temperature. This oat milk will quickly raise you to your feet after such serious illnesses as flu, tonsillitis, pneumonia, establish digestion, and help get rid of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, cholecystitis and pancreatitis. The taste of this drink is pleasant, sweet with a light, pleasant aroma of oats, so that both adults and children will like it, drink and do not get sick! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Sometimes various vitamin juices are added to this type of drink, for example lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry.

- - For this drink, it is advisable to take unrefined whole oats, but if for some reason you cannot use it, and you need to urgently prepare this drink, you can replace the oats with oatmeal.

- - Sometimes butter is added to this type of drink; it is used for sore throats, sore throats, acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections in order to soften the surface tissues of the throat and reduce coughing.