Salmon and Avocado Salad

Salmon and Avocado Salad Ingredients

  1. Salmon, boneless fillet salted 400 grams
  2. Avocado 1 piece
  3. Mango 1 piece
  4. Bulgarian red pepper (sweet) 1 piece
  5. White onion 1 piece
  6. Chili pepper 1 piece (no more than 2 centimeters in length)
  7. Ground black pepper to taste
  8. Soy sauce 1 tablespoon or to taste
  9. Lemon half fruit
  • Main Ingredients: Salmon, Avocado, Lemon, Mango
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World Cuisine


Cutting board - 3 pieces, Knife - 3 pieces, Bowl, Bowl, Paper kitchen towels, Tablespoon, Large flat dish

Salmon and Avocado Salad Preparation:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Rinse salted salmon fillet under running cold water from excess salt grains, lay it on a cutting board and pat dry with paper kitchen towels. Then, gently prying the skin on the fillet with a knife, remove it with your hand, slightly pulling on yourself. After, cut the salmon into a small cube of 1 by 1 centimeter or smaller and place the pieces of fish in a deep bowl. Peel the onions, cut the stalk from the peppers and gut them from the seeds. Wash onions, two types of pepper, mango, lemon and avocado under running water. Dry the washed ingredients with paper kitchen towels. Two types of pepper and onions alternately lay on a cutting board, and cut into a cube with an approximate diameter up to 1 centimeter. Cut the avocado along the circumference, take it in clean hands and turn 2 halves of the fruit against each other, so the avocado will be divided into 2 parts. Then, using a knife, remove the bone from the fruit, cut the skin, lay the flesh of the avocado on a cutting board and cut into a cube 1 per 1 centimeter. Prepare the mango in the same way. Place all chopped ingredients in a bowl with salmon.

Step 2: prepare the salad.

Stir fruits, vegetables, and fish with a tablespoon until smooth. Then take a lemon, lay on a cutting board and cut into 2 halves. Take one of them in your hand and squeeze the juice from a lemon directly into a bowl with an almost ready salad. Use the other half of the lemon in the preparation of any other dishes. In order for your salad to be spicy and fragrant, you need to add spices. Only black ground pepper is used in this recipe, but you can add other spices and herbs you like. Sprinkle the salad with black pepper to taste. Salt is not used in this type of salad, since salmon is already slightly salted, but in order to give the salad a highlight, it must be seasoned with soy sauce. The main thing is not to add a lot of sauce, remember that the fish is already salty. Add soy sauce to the salad and re-mix the ingredients very carefully with a tablespoon. Now there are only a few touches. Take a small bowl, put the salad in it, and gently ram it with a tablespoon. Cover the bowl with the salad with a large flat plate and with a quick movement of your hands turn the inventory so that the bowl is on top and the plate is on the bottom. Turn the bowl several times clockwise and carefully lift it up, your salad will lie on a plate in the form of a small beautiful slide. How to arrange it in the future will depend on your imagination and desire.

Step 3: serve salmon and avocado salad.

Salmon and avocado salad is served at room temperature, it is laid in a slide on a large flat dish. Just before serving, you can decorate the salad with fresh greens of celery, dill, leaves of lemongrass or mint. A great light snack - salad, will complement your breakfast, dinner or lunch, just such a salad can be the highlight of your holiday table. Like any fish or fruit dish, such a salad loves white or pink semi-sweet wines; proponents of a non-alcoholic lifestyle can relish this dish with delicate fruit juice, such as white grapes. Enjoy and have fun! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can make such a salad from any kind of boneless, light-salted, red fish, for example, with stellate sturgeon, sturgeon, sterlet, salmon, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon and many other species.

- - The set of spices in this recipe can be supplemented with dried rosemary, sage, mint, dried parsley, marjoram, sage, caraway seeds, tarragon, heather, allspice, red chili pepper and many other spices and herbs that are suitable for fish dishes and vegetables.

- - This type of salad can be seasoned with homemade mayonnaise, olive oil, vegetable oil.

- - Do not forget that for fish, fruits and vegetables there should always be separate boards and knives!